Friday, November 27, 2009

Zombies Invade Randolph College

Desperate to make it to her next class, she peeks around the corner then takes off. The zombies spot her and give chase. A hail of Nerf darts takes them down and she sprints away. In a rush of relief and exhilaration, she survives... for now.

Such was life at Randolph College during the First Annual Humans vs. Zombies Challenge.

More than 60 students took part in the week-long game trying to survive as humans or thrive as zombies.

"The game brought students together who might not have otherwise never met," said Chris Zielewski, one of the game organizers. "Theatre kids were hanging out with jocks; art majors with physics. Men and women, evens and odds - all working together and having a great time."

Humans prepare to go zombie hunting

About the Game

Humans vs Zombies (HVZ) is played on more than 70 college campuses across the United States.

The game starts with all players on the human "team" wearing flourescent green armbands and one anonymous zombie. When a zombie tags a human, that player becomes a zombie (signified by changing her armband to a headband) who must then try to tag and "turn" humans. Shooting a zombie with a Nerf gun "stuns" them so they are incapable of tagging a human for 15 minutes. If any humans survive the week without being turned, then humans win. If there are no survivors, well then...

The game is restricted to campus with specific "Safe Zones" (classes, dining hall, the Skellar, etc.) where no zombie combat can occur. Zielewski credited the College's Honor Code with keeping the players within bounds. "Not a single social violation, honor code infraction, or judiciary hearing resulted from any player for actions relating to the game," he said.

Defending against the zombie onslaught

The Aftermath

In the end, seven humans survived: Nick Gentile, Melissa Gilbert, Evan Pai, Sarah Bramhall, Donald Wells, Kendrick Williams,and Liliana Stevens.

After the dust settled, the WWRM radio station sponsored an Apocalypse Party: Radioactive Zombie Rave.

"We thought it was pretty immature at first," said one professor who wished to remain anonymous. "But it was a great way for students to let off steam. Next time, I want to play."

Zielewski and fellow organizers Laura Allan and Nick Gentile are planning a spring semester HVZ game. More than 160 students have already expressed interest in playing.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WildCat Men off to 5-0 start in second season

Coach Clay Nunley and the men's basketball team are off and running for the 2009-10 season. The WildCats have reeled off victories against Gallaudet, Ferrum, Christendom, Shenandoah, and Virginia Intermont en route to a 5-0 start.

Picked to finish 10th in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC), the WildCats are determined to prove the naysayers wrong and make the conference tournament.

“We have to play with a chip on our shoulders,” says junior Timothy Clarke, a 2009 all-ODAC honorable mention honoree.

The WildCats return five starters including ODAC Rookie of the Year Derrick Woods Morrow, Clarke, Pete Hamilton, Caleb Pearson, and Jason Rutschman.

“These guys got a taste of the ODAC last year,” says WildCats coach Clay Nunley. “We will have a more veteran presence. These guys played a lot of minutes last year. It is a maturation process and they accepted a lot responsibility early. Now is the time to reap some of those benefits.”

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Katie Rechnitzer Joins 1,000 Point Club

Senior guard Katie Rechnitzer scored her 1,000th career point on November 22, 2009 as the Randolph Women's Basketball Team defeated North Carolina Wesleyan 68-65.

Rechnitzer, who needed 12 points entering the game to hit the 1,000 point mark for her career, notched the milestone at the 12:34 mark of the second frame when she scored in the paint cutting the lead to 46-44.

Rechnitzer finished with 16 points and a game-high seven assists, becoming the ninth WildCat to reach the 1,000 point plateau. She joins her sister, Sara Rechnitzer '07 who finished her career with 1,009 points.

Game recap > > >

WildCat 1,000 Point Club > > >

  • Tara Carleton

  • Meghan Stensrud

  • Marta Ruggles

  • Kai Felton

  • Jenn Baptist

  • Amy Dameron

  • Katie Rechnitzer

  • Sylvia Bailey

  • Sara Rechnitzer

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WildCat Women Gunning for ODAC Tournament

It's been 10 years since the WildCats tasted the post-season and women's basketball coach Melissa Wiggins says it's time to return to the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) tournament.

“It is way overdue,” says Wiggins. “It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m certain we will step up to it.”

The top 8 teams are invited to the playoff. Last year Randolph finished 10th, the same spot they're predicted to finish this year by ODAC coaches.

However, Wiggins is optimistic due to the shooting talent and quickness of her team.

“I see it as a challenge for the other schools,” Wiggins said. “If everyone can play every position (for us) then it is going to be a challenge for them to defend us.”

The WildCats return three starters: Lindsay Cross, Megan Carney, and all-ODAC honorable mention Katie Rechnitzer.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Physics Students Teach Cub Scouts the Science of Speed

Members of the Randolph College Society of Physics Students spent their Saturday morning with the Cub Scouts of Pack 48. They conducted a hands-on workshop, applying the lessons of physics to build faster Pinewood Derby race cars.

A longtime scouting tradition, the Pinewood Derby challenges scouts to build a wooden race car from a standard kit and then race them on a track. The competition begins within a pack and carries over to regional councils.

Professor Peter Sheldon and his students gave a physics lesson on how weight, gravity, speed, stability, friction, drag and other variables affect a car's performance and then broke out into groups to test different designs and setups.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dodgeball: Students vs Faculty and Staff

Sunday, November 16 brought us the Second Annual Faculty/Staff vs. Student Dodgeball Tournament. According to eyewitness reports to the carnage... students dominated.

Faculty/Staff Team
Peter Sheldon, Kim Sheldon, Ben Downs, Kirstin Kuchler, John Klein, Bob Lanning, Angela Greene, Chris Burnley, Carter Burnley, Amanda Denny

Student Team
Duquan Little, Blair Shepherd, Octavia Rodney, Martin Wiley, Tory Brown, Chris Staats, Nashiva McDavid, Gage Stuntz, Risa Koenig, Karen Rose, Jamaine Harris, Vicki Degatano

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Randolph Students Volunteer to Stop Hunger

Randolph students were among the more than 100 students from area colleges who combined their manpower to take a bite out of world hunger Saturday.

Students from Randolph, Lynchburg College, Central Virginia Community College and Sweet Briar College teamed up with Raleigh, N.C.-based Stop Hunger Now and Lynchburg-based Sacred River Productions at a benefit event at Amazement Square’s Rotary Centennial Riverfront Skatepark.

Over a few hours out of the eight-hour event, volunteers bagged 20,000 basic meals of soy protein, dehydrated vegetables, rice and a chicken tablet, to be distributed by Stop Hunger Now.

The event also included a festival concert featuring music from local bands, as well as a skateboarding showcase.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Biggest WildCat Fan in Afghanistan

Bill Carney sports a Randolph College t-shirt and cap while working out in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Carney is the father of sophomore basketball player Megan Carney and a staunch WildCat supporter.

"I couldn't be happier that Megan is playing for such a terrific coach as Melissa Wiggins," says Carney. "Randolph is a great school where she can strike a balance between her studies and the team. Go WildCats!"

Randolph Around the World
Do you have a photo of yourself sporting Randolph College gear in exotic locales around the world? Share it with us.

RISE Program Provides Funds for Students' Scholarly Pursuits

Randolph College is pleased to announce the Randolph Innovative Student Experience (RISE) Awards.

Beginning in the Fall 2009, every first-year Randolph College student will be eligible to receive a RISE Award during his or her junior or senior year. The grant provides funds for use in research, scholarly or creative pursuits of the student's choosing.

It could be used for travel, art supplies, computers, lab equipment, conference attendance... just about anything.

The program is designed to show support for students and the advanced scholarly work that is the hallmark of the College.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

International Photo Contest Winners

Winners have been announced for the Ninth Annual International Photo Contest, part of the College's International Education Celebration.

Traditionally held in October and November, the contest is open to all students, faculty and staff. Entrants submit photos that highlight "things international" in one of two categories "People" and "Places". Winners receive Barnes & Noble gift cards and have their photos displayed in Main Hall.


1st Prize - Melissa Gilbert '10
"Pisa Canal, Pisa, Italy"

2nd Prize - Reena Singh '10
"River Cam, Cambridge, England"

3rd Prize - Maura Duffy '12
"Madrid Street (Solarized), Spain"


1st Prize - Yanpaing Oo '11
"Old Lady at a Temple in Myanmar"

2nd Prize - Emily Wong, Assistant Director of Admissions
"Ayers Rock, Australia"

3rd Prize - Tashi Dhondup '12
"People - Unity in Diversity"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rise of the Worm

Fall 2009 has seen the resurgence of WWRM The Worm: Student Radio. Student deejays host more than 25 on-air shows from their glass booth in the Main Hall Student Center.

Under the leadership of General Manager Sarah Krieger, WWRM has become a formidable source of student entertainment, news and information and social events.

Uncensored student-created shows stream live on the Internet 24-7 featuring an infinite variety of music, commentary, talk, and call-in discussions.

The Worm provides Party DJs for campus events, complete with a portable sound system.

The Worm also sponsors dance parties like the Glow WWRM and the Apocalypse Party: Radioactive Zombie Rave.

All students (as well as faculty and staff) are invited to join and learn how to host a show.

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Listen to the Worm online at > > >

Find WWRM on Facebook > > >

Friend mascot Theo Worm on Facebook > > >

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Video: Campus Life with Jillian Barlow and Marja Copeland

A montage of scenes of campus life. Jillian Barlow talks about how Randolph College was the right for her. Marja Copeland discusses the strong sense of community that includes students, faculty and staff; how she is recognized as an individual and not a number. Alumna Kacey Meaker describes how coming back to campus is like coming home.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Randolph Featured in U.S. Airways Magazine

When you fly home for Thanksgiving, you might find a little taste of the Red Brick Wall tucked into the seat in front of you.

Randolph College is featured in the November issue of U.S. Airways Magazine. The issue highlights the College's hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia as a travel destination.

"More than 5 million passengers fly U.S. Airways each month, with more than 3 million of those passengers reading the magazine during their time on the plane," said Brenda Edson, strategic communications manager, who worked with the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce on the project. "That's a lot of people who are going to learn more about Randolph College."

Look for it when you fly U.S. Air this month.

View the magazine online.