Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Randolph College Welcomes Largest Number of New Students in Years

Randolph College welcomed the largest number of new students in years Wednesday, Aug. 24 with balloons, music, and plenty of smiling faces.

Davenport Leaders, Student Government volunteers, athletes, members of the College's Macon Activities Council, and some staff helped the new students and their parents unpack cars and transport boxes, suitcases, and other necessities to the residence halls.

New student enrollment is expected to top 225 this year, and Randolph's total enrollment will climb from 524 last year to more than 565 for the 2011-12 academic year.

Students were greeted with a new campus store and renovated lounge area near the dining hall. The area, which once housed the Darden and Casner conference rooms, is now called Caldwell Commons and offers the store, a new seating area, and several conference rooms.

Other summer renovations included a new teaching and learning center on the main floor of the library, a new reception area in Main Hall, a new (temporary) Main Grounds, which will be housed near the computer labs on Main Hall, and resurfaced tennis courts. Work on the $6 million Student Center renovation continues as well.

Returning students begin arriving this weekend, and classes for all students begin Aug. 29