Monday, September 5, 2011

New Teaching and Learning Center combines three academic support programs

Three critical academic support programs at Randolph College now share a home in the Lipscomb Library.

Over the summer, the Learning Resources Center (LRC), the Writing Lab, and the Tutoring program moved into a prominent remodeled location on the main floor of the library. The 1,800 square-foot Teaching and Learning Center provides one place where students can go for help with a learning disability, tutoring for a tough class, or guidance in crafting an essay.

“Before, we had separate facilities. Now we have one-stop shopping,” said Tina Barnes, director of the LRC. “We wanted it to be a center for teaching and learning.”

The LRC provides support for students with any kind of disability—any condition ranging from dyslexia to a broken bone—to help them participate and succeed at the College. Barnes also coordinates the Learning Strategies Program, in which students receive help learning college success skills and habits to improve their studying and test taking.

This space on the fourth floor of Lipscomb Library was remodeled to create the Teaching and Learning Center.


The tutoring program, directed by M.C. Johnson ‘76, pairs students who need assistance in a specific course with students who have excelled in that subject before. Last year, more than 160 students used

The Writing Lab is staffed with peer tutors who help other students with any phase of the writing process. Bunny Goodjohn, an English professor, oversees the writing program.

Johnson said the new arrangement should help make the academic services more accessible to students.

The staff of the new Teaching and Learning Center will host an open house on September 22 to help students become more acquainted with the facility and its services. Watch for later announcements to get details.