Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude this Thanksgiving

We've noticed a lot of people on Facebook listing one thing for which they are grateful every day this month. Randolph College has a lot to be thankful for, too, this Thanksgiving. Here is a list of just a few things—we could never mention them all!

In the comments below, tell us what you're thankful for.

1. Dedicated professors who inspire and mentor. Ranked number one most accessible in the country, in the top 20 overall, our faculty make Randolph College what it is.

2. A rich heritage shaped by alumnae who studied here, started traditions, and built a solid academic reputation over a period of more than a century. Our students have a lot to inspire them!

3. Lively students who keep our campus energized and forward-thinking, whether they're studying, writing, dancing, or playing Humans vs. Zombies.

4. An art collection with about 4,000 works, housed in the Maier Museum of Art and in hallways and offices all over campus.

5. Caring staff that focuses on student growth and success.

6. Our future students. We look forward to meeting the class of 2016!

7. A $6 million student center set to open next year, and the alumnae and their families who supported it. Students will enjoy this space for generations to come!

8. A gorgeous historic campus, and a hard-working building and grounds team that keeps it looking top-notch.

9. Founders, trustees, and benefactors who believe in Vita Abundantior. Thank you for your leadership and support!

10. Our seniors, with funny hats and buttons. You always make us smile!

11. A multicultural campus where students celebrate their heritage and share it with others.

12. Student athletes who make us proud on the field and on the court—including a men's soccer team that won an ODAC title and then battled its way to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

13. Randolph's Innovative Student Experience. Students are using their $2,000 grants to research water quality and coral reefs in the Virgin Islands, purchase art supplies,attend conferences, study abroad, and more.

14. High-profile speakers. Where else can you hear from the likes of evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, Muslim scholar Ziauddin Sardar, architectural historian Richard Guy Wilkins, and Presidential Medal of Freedom-winning Gerda Wiessman Klein all within one semester? We look forward to more great speakers, such as political strategist Karl Rove, next semester.

16. Autumn leaves. Although most of them have fallen now, they added a nice flare to our campus this year.

17. Our Honor Code. Students will start taking their self-scheduled, self-proctored exams shortly after they return from Thanksgiving break. That they have the integrity to be trusted with this privilege is awesome!

18. The right to have a say in government. Some of our students voted in Virginia's recent elections, and some worked on campaigns.

19. The chamber orchestra that the music department plans to debut next semester.

20. The dining hall staff who prepare great food, serve it with a smile, and wash the dishes for us.

21. The novelists, poets, and other writers who share their wit, wisdom and experience in the Randolph College Visiting Writers Series. Our students learn a lot from these professionals, and we all enjoy listening to them read their work.

22. A Summer Research Program that lets students stay on campus over the summer to conduct serious research with their professors.

23. Main Grounds coffee on a foggy morning, and Red Door coffee or hot chocolate on a cool evening, with some drink flavors invented by students themselves!

24. Songshine and Voices, our a cappella groups that make us proud, especially when they sing the College song together.