Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Students present research at national health technology conference

Thawda Aung '13 and Jim Kwon '14 recently went to a national conference to talk about a technology they are developing with a Randolph College professor.

The two students traveled with Katrin Schenk, a physics professor, to the 2011 mHealth Summit, an annual conference that focuses on using wireless technology to improve medical care. This year's event brought together leaders in government, the private sector, industry, academia, health care providers and nonprofit groups from across the country. 

Kwon gave a talk about using cell phones to measure gait speed. Aung presented a poster about using cell phones to monitor patients and motivate them to increase physical activity.

Kwon and Aung have collaborated with Schenk, as well as researchers from other institutions, to develop cell phone programs that measure a medical patient's activity, giving doctors better information about how to treat various illnesses. Their project won a grant from the Alzheimer's Association to study its application to Alzheimer's disease.