Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Student Center Renovation Update: January 18, 2012

Framework (the red steel beams on the left) began this week on a portion of the Student Center's new atrium.

What was just recently an open space with only steel framing now has the beginning of flooring.

This is a view of the main level of the Student Center from what used to be the entrance to the Skeller.

A view of what was previously the Skeller

A view of the main level of the Student Center from where the WWRM DJ booth used to be located.

The Skeller

Windows will soon be installed in the arched opening in the back.

The upper area (previously the third floor) used to be a choir loft when the Student Center facility was used as the College Chapel.

A view from the second floor.

An addition will be added to the building in the dug out area to the right.

After months of tedious demolition and foundation work, visible changes are quickly taking place in the Student Center facility. On the exterior, crews are just beginning work on the Center's addition (which will be located on the rear of the building.) A portion of the framing of the project's new atrium is also in place.

Inside the Student Center, changes are rapidly transforming the space as construction crews continue with flooring and other work. The work has revealed the spaciousness of the current facility and the potential that awaits as the renovation progresses.