Thursday, February 9, 2012

Men's basketball team honors faculty, staff

The Men’s Basketball team took some time Wednesday night to recognize the faculty and staff at Randolph College who are helping the players learn and achieve.

During halftime of a game against Lynchburg College, each Randolph player presented a professor or staff member who has helped him. Some honored professors within their majors, while others chose staff members who work closely with students.

The crowd erupted with cheers as the faculty and staff members joined the team on the court.

“Randolph’s faculty and staff are great, and the relationships they foster with our students make Randolph a special place for all of us,” said Tina Hill, athletic director. “Recognizing them at half-time is just one way we can say ‘thank you.’”

“Those that joined us on the floor tonight were selected by our basketball players for the role they play in their lives, but the thunderous roar of the crowd made clear that these individuals (and many more) make a positive impact across campus.”

This is the third year that the Men’s Basketball Team has chosen to show their appreciation for the College’s employees with a special half-time presentation.

Here are the faculty and staff members who were chosen for the honor:

Susan Johnson, physical education office manager, guest of #2 David Conrow ’13

Chet Halka, professor of romance languages, guest of #3 Mike Ehilegbu ’14

Harvey Jones, food services worker, guest of #4 Malcolm Nelson ’12

Jeffery Heinfeldt, economics and business professor, guest of # 5 Colton Hunt ’13

Chris Burnley, vice president of finance and administration, guest of #10 Cameron Colquitt ’13

Mark Ordower, professor of mathematics, guest of #11 Zach Desgain ’15

Tina Barnes, director of the Learning Strategies Program and coordinator of disability services, guest of #14 Julius Thomas ’12

Paula Wallace, associate dean of the College, guest of #15 Mason Holle ’15

Keeley Tuggle, assistant director of special events, guest of #21 Ahsan Ford ’13

Bill Mattson, professor of chemistry, guest of #22 Esayas Mehretab ’15

John Abell, economics professor, guest of #23 Logan Sneed ’15

Heidi Kunz, English professor, guest of #40 Dylan Shiflett ’13

Julio Rodriguez, professor of sociology, guest of #42 Chris Battaglia ’13

Hermina Hendricks, director of multi-cultural services and instructor in music, guest of #44 Parris Scales ’15

Jaclyn Beard, lead switchboard operator, guest of #45 Derrick Woods-Morrow ’12