Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Student Center Renovation: February 28, 2012

Foundation work is beginning on the area behind the current facility. An expansion of the Student Center will be housed here.

Windows in what was originally the Skeller are being enlarged. The new windows will allow people eating in the dining area of the Student Center with nearly floor to ceiling views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

View of the main area of the Student Center.

The framing for one of the glass vestibules is in place. A balcony will overlook the area.

Construction of Randolph College's $6 million Student Center renovation continues at a rapid pace. The existing windows in the structure are being expanded in order to accommodate larger, energy efficient windows. Framing for restrooms and other parts of the main area of the Student Center are in process, and flooring work continues throughout other parts of the building. The building's expansion on the back side of campus is also progressing as construction crews prepare the area for the foundation.