Thursday, February 16, 2012

Student Center Renovation Update: February 16

Progress on the Student Center renovation is happening rapidly. The inside of the facility is undergoing major visible changes as construction crews continue installing the remaining flooring and begin work on framing, among other projects.

One of the most exciting highlights this week was the the framing for the WWRM's new DJ booth. Now that the structure of the glass booth is in place, it is possible to visualize the dramatic effect this element will have on the facility. The booth overlooks an opening in the floor, which will allow student broadcasters to see the main floor below as they DJ for parties or for the student radio station. The seating areas on the floor below will be removable so that the space can be used for dances and parties.

Workers are also continuing work on the existing window openings. The new facility is filled with large, airy windows, which will fill the spaces with light and views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. The existing window openings are being enlarged to accommodate the new windows.

Work also continues on the outside of the facility. Framing for the glass vestibules on each side of the main building is complete, and workers continue to work on the rear section of the building, which will be expanded.

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View of what was formerly the Skeller. Workers are expanding the window openings to accommodate new, larger windows. This space will become the seating area for the Skeller, which will be located nearby on the right side of "The Street."

The new larger windows will be energy efficient and provide amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Workers have installed framework of the new student radio station booth. The booth looks over the opening in this photo to the floor below.

Another view of the new student radio station booth.

This is the view below from the WWRM booth. The floor below will feature seating, which can be removed  to offer dance space for parties and other social events.

View of the second floor.

Another view of the second floor.

Framework for one of the two glass vestibules.

View of the main floor. "The Street" will be located in the rear.

Another view of the main floor.