Monday, March 5, 2012

Student Center Renovation Update: March 2, 2012

View from what used to be the WWRM office.

View of the old Skeller (bottom floor) and what will soon be a two-level cardio area (top floor).

Progress is being made on the facility's addition.

View of the soon-to-be glass vestibule.

Breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Randolph's back campus from the Student Center.

The third floor will feature the building's gorgeous arched ceiling.

This area used to be chopped up with walls, stairs, and multi-level floors.

View of the back part of the facility.

Special seating will be constructed around these arched elements, which will utilize this unique architectural element.

View from what will be the WWRM's new DJ booth. The steel frame seen ahead will house a large screen. A projector mounted on the opposite side will provide the capability to play movies, etc .

View of what was the Harriet Fitzgerald Conference Room.
Randolph's Student Center renovation continues and changes are visible everyday. The progress is exciting and the beauty of the architectural elements of the current facility emerges more everyday.After months, access was finally available to the third floor this week. An area that was once divided by a large wall has been opened up, exposing windows and light. The old floor plan in this area was segmented by stairs and several floor levels. The renovation will allow all of the space in this part of the building to be used--and will offer views of the beautiful arched ceiling. The third floor will house the theatre and conference room areas.