Friday, April 6, 2012

Student Center Renovation Update: April 6, 2012

Progress continues on the main areas of the Student Center facility, but more visible work is now occurring on the back section of the building. Scaffolding covers one side of the building as workers tediously remove bricks to enlarge window spaces. The stunning views from these oversized windows will help make Randolph’s new Student Center a campus showpiece.

Inside, framing has begun in this section of the renovation, and work is continuing in all other areas, including the third floor of the facility. This area will house the new theatre and conference areas.

The Student Center addition, which is located on the side of the current building, is also quickly taking shape.

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The second floor of the Student Center will house the new WWRM office, which will overlook the first floor through the opening in the floor seen here.

This is the view facing the WWRM deejay booth. The floor below will feature seating and social areas, but the furniture will be removable for events and College parties.

This area used to house three floors of student organization offices, attic storage space, and other rooms. It will soon be transformed into a multi-level cardio center with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The views from the newly renovated Student Center are breathtaking.

The third floor of the main area of the Student Center used to be a very segmented level, with much wasted space. Once the renovation is completed, this floor will house a theatre and conference room area.

The arched beams in the Student Center will add warmth, beauty, and history to the new facility.

Progress is continuing on the addition to the building, which is housed to the side and back of the current facility.

Existing elements of the architecture on the third floor are being incorporated into the new design.

Workers are removing bricks and enlarging windows on the back wall of the facility.

The opening in the floor at the bottom right provides a glimpse of what used to be the Skeller.