Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Student Center Renovation Update: April 18, 2012

Another week means continued transformations in the Student Center facility. Work is being conducted on every aspect of the building now. Crews broke through a wall last week, opening the main area of the facility with the back part of the building to form “The Street,”an area that will run from the Main Hall entrance of the Student Center to the rear of the building.

Walls are being framed, rough-in electrical and plumbing work continues, and duct work associated with the heating and cooling of the space is nearing completion on the lower level.

The masonry elevator shaft has been constructed from the basement level to just above the third floor level. Window openings are being cut into the brick, and work to create the openings in the annex north wall has begun. Crews are continuing work on some of the conference room space on the third floor, and the expansion of the main building is rapidly progressing. This multi-level section will house cooking areas and office space for the Skeller, storage areas, as well as other rooms.

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A view of the "The Street" from what will be the Main Hall entrance into the Student Center. The opening in the far wall was created last week.

A view of the large windows in what used to be the Skeller. This area will house seating for the Skeller once the facility is completed.

A view of back campus from one of the new window openings.

A view of the former Skeller.

A view of the main area of the Student Center from what used to be the rear of the Skeller.

Walls continue to be framed on all floors, including the second floor featured here.

A view of work on the third floor.

The addition on the back side of the building continues progressing. This multi-level expansion will house storage, cooking and office areas for the Skeller, and other rooms.

What used to be a residence hall room on the third floor will soon be transformed into a conference room.

The view from the third floor facing the Chapel.