Thursday, May 10, 2012

Student research and ancient drama get boost from new campus organizations

Earlier this week, we announced two new, exciting ventures here on campus. We are creating the Randolph College Center for Student Research and the Randolph College Center for Ancient Drama to create synergy with several related educational programs.

The Center for Student Research will integrate three strong programs that help students experience original and innovative research:
Peter Sheldon, a physics professor at the College, will serve as the director of the Center for Student Research. He currently directs the Summer Research Program and has been an advocate for student research programs.

The Center for Ancient Drama will enhance the College’s growing reputation as a preferred destination for students who are interested in the study of classics and ancient drama.

Directed by Amy R. Cohen, a classics professor, the Center will incorporate several of the College's current undertakings:

  • The Greek Play, a Randolph tradition that allows students to perform classic theatre in the Mabel Kate Whiteside Greek Theatre with techniques like those used by ancient Greek actors.
  • The Conference on Ancient Drama in Performance, which brings scholars to the College to discuss studies of ancient Greece
  • Didaskalia, an internationally renowned journal dedicated to the study of ancient Greek and Roman performance
The next Greek Play is Seven Against Thebes by Aeschylus, and will be performed in October 2012. The Conference on Ancient Drama in Performance will be held in conjunction with the play.

For more information on the role the Centers will play at the College, read this news release on the Randolph College Web site.