Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Randolph hosts communication studies academic conference

Topics ranging from the British Monarchy to Harry Potter to breast cancer awareness campaigns were discussed this past Saturday when Randolph College hosted the Student Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) Conference. In its 11th year, SURF brings together communication studies students from area colleges to present about a variety of field related topics.

Ryan Blackwell '13 explains the role that cultural citizenship
plays in the popular NBC television show Community.
In addition to sharing knowledge about communication studies, the conference offers a unique opportunity for networking among students, professors, as well as the general community.

Three Randolph College students presented at the conference:

Ryan Blackwell ’13, discussed the role of cultural citizenship in the NBC show Community.

Kaitlyn Kolster ’15 talked about her analysis of Hollywood’s portrayal of C.S Lewis’ series The Chronicles of Narnia.

Samantha Wittie ’13 recounted her research about the Bravo television network and it’s presentation of the gay and LGBT community through the lens of the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Jennifer Gauthier, a communications studies professor who helped in organizing the conference, praised the Randolph students’ use of theory and the relevancy to important issues such as race, class, gender, and sexuality. “Our students presented high quality research that represented our department’s expertise in critical media studies,” she said.

Kaitlin Kolster '15 analyzes the portrayal of the Chronicles of Narnia in film.