Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekly worship and prayer services aim to strengthen spiritual life

The Randolph College community has two new opportunities for engaging in spiritual life with community members of all faiths.

Beginning Feb. 14, the College is hosting a weekly worship service on Thursday afternoons and a weekly prayer service on Tuesday mornings. Liz Ecklund, the campus chaplain, organized the new events.

The Rev. Ron Litten, of Booneseboro United Methodist Church,
reads from the Bible during his sermon which opened the new
series the worship services at Houston Memorial Chapel.
The worship service is held each Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in Houston Memorial Chapel. Last week, the Rev. Ron Litten, from Boonesboro United Methodist Church, delivered a sermon about love to begin the worship service series. He read John chapter 21 from the New Testament and explained its message of love and service.

“It’s easy to say I love you; it’s hard to show it,” Litten said. “It’s easy to like someone; it’s hard to love them. If you love them, you might have to give them what they need instead of what they want.”

In coming weeks, religious leaders of various faiths in the community will deliver sermons for the worship service.

The weekly prayer and devotional meeting, called Prayer for Randolph, is held at 8 a.m. each Tuesday in the large conference room on the third floor of the Student Center. Each week, participants will spend a half hour in devotion, prayer, and meditation for the College, the students, faculty, and staff, and any specific prayer requests brought by those who attend.