Friday, June 14, 2013

Recent graduate ready to begin federal job while continuing dance education

On June 17, Martin Wiley ’13 will begin working for the United States government. Wiley’s ability to secure a great position during a tough economy proves his dedication to preparing for a career both during the school year and on breaks has paid off.

He will serve as an information technology specialist for the Office of Personnel Management, the U.S. government office that manages job announcements, pension plan payments, and other related tasks. Wiley will provide technical support and hardware management for other federal employees.

“I was able to get the job because I had previously interned there for three years during my breaks from college,” Wiley said. “They decided that they would love to have me after graduation because of my work ethic and personality.”

The job’s location also places him in a position to pursue another dream: becoming a professional dancer. He majored in dance at Randolph and was well known for his contributions to dance concerts. However, because he did not discover his talent and passion for dance until his sophomore year at Randolph, Wiley is still new to the art. So when he gets off from his day job, expect to find him studying his passion in dance studios in Washington, D.C.