Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Visit Randolph during Virginia Private College Week 2013

Will Dede ’14 knows how important a college tour is for families and students searching for a college. Seeing Randolph College in person helped him realize it was the right college for him. “When you visit a school, you have a feeling that comes to you,” he said. “I had that feeling.”

Dede is one of four Randolph students who will be giving campus tours to visitors during Virginia Private College Week. This annual event allows high school students to learn more about private colleges as well as save some money—rising juniors and seniors who visit at least three participating colleges from July 29 – August 3 will receive three application fee waivers.

Visit Randolph College
during Virginia Private College Week
July 19 – August 3, 2013
Get more information and schedule your tour here.
Randolph College’s student Gold Key Guides will be on hand to give tours during Virginia Private College Week at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. from Monday – Friday, and one session at 9 a.m. that Saturday.

We wanted to give our visitors the chance to meet the Gold Key Guides in advance of next week’s tours, so we asked them to tell us a little about themselves. Here is what they told us:

Chelsea Fox ’15

Hometown: Culpeper, VA

Why I chose Randolph: I had no idea what I wanted in a college, but as soon as I took my tour I knew that this was where I should spend the next four years!

My major: Music

My favorite stop on the tour: My favorite part of the campus tour is talking about the traditions like the Even and Odd Rivalry, Ring Week, and Pumpkin Parade because they are part of what makes us unique!

Be sure to ask me: I always hope people ask me about campus life and events because I love sharing all of the wonderful experiences that I've had here.

Julia Kim ’14

Hometown: Wonju, South Korea

Why I chose Randolph: I went to high school in Hawaii and I wanted to come to the east coast for an experience. I loved the size of Randolph College and how friendly the faculty and staff were. I felt very comfortable coming here from a faraway location.

My major: I am majoring in economics and minoring in studio art.

My favorite stop on the tour: I love showing our new student center and the view from the 4th floor, the fitness center. It is just so beautiful.

Be sure to ask me: Anything! I will try my best to answer whatever question you have. I enjoy talking about the class environment and how awesome our professors are.

Will Dede ’14

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Why I chose Randolph: I always wanted to attend a small private liberal arts college, and get out of Missouri. I looked at five liberal arts colleges throughout Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. When you visit a school, you have a feeling that comes to you—I had that feeling.

Also, moms know, and mine knew Randolph would be a good fit.

I’m studying: Double-Major in political science and History with minors in philosophy and religious studies.

My favorite stop on the tour: My favorite parts are the library and the Experiential Learning Center because those two places show how students receive a much better education here than at other institutions.

Be sure to ask me: Why go to Randolph College?

May Soe ’14

Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar

Why I chose Randolph: I was looking for a small college where I can establish close relationships with faculty, staff, and friends while fulfilling my academic dreams. Randolph seemed to satisfy all of my wants so I decided to attend Randolph; and I was not disappointed at all about my decision.

My major: Business, and a minor in mathematics and chinese studies.

My favorite stop on the tour: Explaining self-scheduled exams and the Experiential Learning Center. I love telling visitors how Randolph students are privileged to schedule exams on our own. I am really satisfied to live under the Honor Code, where everyone values integrity.

And last summer, thanks to the ELC, I had a chance to do an internship with Energizer in Shanghai, China. The internship experience was amazing.

Be sure to ask me: More about the opportunities that Randolph offers (such as internships abroad, RISE grant), and more about how Liberal Arts education works.