Monday, October 7, 2013

Alumna Afreen Gootee '87 meets with Randolph education students

An alumna visited campus today to talk with education students and share advice about becoming involved in the teaching profession.

Chaman “Afreen” Yusuf Gootee ’87 attended a class taught by education professor Consuella Woods. She later spoke to students in an afternoon workshop.

“It is important to me to have a connection to the College, and to help the students here make a connection to the real world,” said Gootee, who has visited the College occasionally to talk with education students.

Gootee teaches history, math, and computer courses in Georgetown School, an alternative education center in Hanover County, Virginia. She is the president of the Hanover Education Association and vice president of a 19-county district of the Virginia Education Association (VEA).

She said attending Randolph-Macon Woman’s College helped her prepare for teaching and leadership roles by giving her much experience in the classroom through the forms of several practicums even before it was time for her to student-teach.

Philip Forgit, the executive director of VEA, joined Gootee for the event. Gootee encouraged students to join the VEA, including the student chapter at Randolph, for networking and for opportunities to advocate for education.