Monday, October 28, 2013

Randolph students participate in service-oriented fall break trip

A group of Randolph students recently spent their fall break volunteering at a nearby camp in Central Virginia.

The College created this year’s new alternative fall and spring break program to give students more opportunities to conduct community service while also developing their leadership skills. Amanda Denny, director of leadership and engagement, spearheaded the new program with the help of students.

Evan Smith ’15 and Sandeep Poudyal ’16 led the trip. Other students who attended include Teague Nelson ’14, Robert Villanueva ’14, Proity Akbar ’15, Steve Dinh ’16, Dan Phung ’15, Ju’Nelle Brown ’17, David Lopez ’16, Alex Arana ’16, Zhe Zhang ’15, Yeachan Lee ’16, and Endrina Gonzalez ’14.

Denny is working with students to organize a similar trip for spring break 2014.