Monday, December 16, 2013

New honor kitchen opened in Webb Hall

Randolph College recently opened its first honor kitchen to provide more amenities in residence halls while also giving students another privilege based on the Honor Code.

Glenna Gray ’14, chair of the judiciary committee, and Jim Kwon ’14, president of
student government, show some dishes and utensils in the new honor kitchen.
Located in the large lounge on the lower floor of Webb Hall, the honor kitchen is stocked with all of the general utensils that a student might need to cook a meal including pots, pans, baking sheets, and more. Students are trusted to take care of the kitchen items as well as clean them after use.

Jim Kwon ’14, student government president, was excited to see this concept come to life. “I thought the honor kitchen would be a great way to provide students with kitchen utensils, which are expensive to buy, as well as to provide an additional environment where the honor system is integrated with student's life,” he said.

If the honor kitchen in Webb is successful, the concept may be implemented in other student kitchens in Randolph’s residence halls.

Randolph College’s historic Honor Code supports the College’s mission to prepare students to “live and work honorably.” It provides students with privileges such as un-proctored, self-scheduled final exams, and creates an environment of responsibility, allowing students to administer the Honor Code. Learn more about the Honor Code in our most recent “Why Randolph?” video.