Monday, December 9, 2013

Study abroad programs offer life-changing experiences

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for many Randolph students. Their time beyond the red brick wall in places such as England, Denmark, or Spain are times of academic growth and personal enrichment.

Study Abroad

Deadlines are approaching for Randolph College Abroad: The World in Britain and three international study seminars scheduled for summer 2014. Contact leading professors or the Dean of the College office for more information.

Randolph College Abroad: The World in Britain
Application due: December 21, 2013
One of the top-ranked study abroad programs in Britain, this program offers students either one semester or a full academic year in Reading, England.
Contact Paul Irwin, the Charles A. Dana Professor of Mathematics, or William Coulter, the Eichelbaum Professor of English, for an application

Media Industries and Cultural Production
June 18 – July 2, 2014
Application due: January 24, 2014
Experience the media and cultural heritage of Peru while visiting a film studio, a television network, an advertising company, and a national newspaper.
Led by professor Chad Beck

Museums, Memorials, and Memory: Britain and the Two World Wars
May 19–June 1
Application due: January 24, 2014
How does a nation remember war? What gets forgotten and why? What stories do museums and monuments tell about war, death, loss, heroism, and national pride?
Led by professors Jennifer Gauthier and Gerry Sherayko

Archaeological Conservation Institute
May 20-June 17
Application due: February 1, 2014
The Archaeological Conservation Institute provides instruction and hands-on experience in conservation methods of Roman frescoes and mosaics and stone-carving.
Led by: Susan Stevens, the Catherine E. and William E. Thoresen Chair in Humanities
Lauren Wilbur ’14 saw that firsthand when she spent an entire year in Reading, England with the Randolph College Abroad: The World in Britain program. “It’s extremely important to experience other cultures around the world,” said Wilbur.

While abroad, Wilbur took full advantage of many opportunities. She took classes at Reading University and Oxford University, including a one-on-one tutorial with a professor. She joined clubs such as the Reading University Circus Arts Society, and a Harry Potter society. She visited places such as Bath, Bristol, Stonehenge, York, Paris and Berlin.

“A lot of people think that they don’t need to go outside of America, because our country is so diverse in climate and landscape, but traveling abroad is more about the culture and experiencing how people in other places interact with each other,” Wilbur said.

Dean Paula Wallace recognizes the personal and academic benefits of studying abroad, but also notes that it makes a student more marketable to employers as well. “Learning how to embrace ambiguity, how to communicate, and how to be flexible and adaptable are all things they are looking for in a potential employee,” she said.

Randolph’s study abroad opportunities are vast and vary in length, location, and focus. Randolph has affiliations with programs in England, France, Greece, Denmark, and Spain. Students are able to study abroad for a year, semester, or even a summer. Those looking for a particular focus can participate in Randolph’s own international study seminars, which are two-week abroad experiences with faculty from the college. This summer seminars to Peru and England are being offered.

Wilbur said that Randolph students who study abroad have the opportunity not only to learn about other cultures, but also to help people in other countries learn about their own. “You’re a volunteer ambassador for your country and people are making decisions about the United States because of your actions,” she said. “Try to be the open minded American, and you will be rewarded many times over.”