Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inauguration Videos

The Inauguration of Bradley W. Bateman included three video presentations to celebrate his life and career, the history of Randolph College, and the value of a liberal arts education.

“Bradley W. Bateman: A Passionate Leader & A Champion For The Liberal Arts” was played during the installation ceremony to introduce the audience to Bateman.

“Here Let Wisdom Rise: Thoughts on Liberal Studies - Excerpted From Seneca's ‘Letters From A Stoic’” also was played during the installation ceremony. Bateman chose this text because it is one of the earliest essays on liberal education and emphasized the ability of liberal education to help people achieve freedom.

“Randolph College: A Member Of The Lynchburg Community” celebrated Randolph’s role in the Lynchburg community and was played to welcome the audience to the Mavis Staples concert.

The Inauguration has received widespread media attention. We are collecting articles and other content related to Inauguration here.