Thursday, May 8, 2014

Psychology students present research at annual VPA meeting

Several Randolph College psychology seniors presented their research papers at the annual meeting of the Virginia Psychological Association in Norfolk, Va.

The seniors and their presentation titles are listed below.

Jacob Hood ’14 and Robert Villanueva ’14 (presented by Jacob Hood): Effects of Race and Socioeconomic Status on the Perceived Credibility of Eyewitnesses

Alexis Arnett ’14, Nushaa Kaz ’14, and Elizabeth van Noppen ’14: The Effect of Exercise Choice on Adherence, Motivation, and Self-Efficacy

Emily Rist ’14 and Sara Kasey ’14: Stress Levels and Contact with Nature

Elizabeth Delery ’14 and Brian Mule ’14: The Effects of Meditation on the Cortisol Stress Response

Sara Khalid ’14: A Comparison of Help-Seeking Behaviors Across Cultures and Genders