Saturday, May 17, 2014

Senior Profile: Marielle Rando ’14

Marielle Rando 14 spent much of her time at Randolph learning about leadership. Serving as the Student Government president for the last half of her senior year was the perfect capstone.

Rando initially did not run for the president position because she was studying abroad in Spain when elections took place, and she did not want to commit to a demanding position during her fall soccer season. But last October, Jim Kwon ‘14, who was serving as the Student Government president, announced that he would graduate one semester early and would therefore step down from that role. Rando offered her name for the position and was elected.

As Student Government president, Marielle Rando ’14 spoke at the
Inauguration of Randolph College President Bradley W. Bateman.
This semester, she has been able to work with students, the College’s faculty and staff, and the Board of Trustees to make some significant changes. The experience has helped her see some of the ways she has grown in her time at Randolph.

“I’ve become more of a critical thinker. I’ve become a lot smarter, and I've become a successful leader,” she said. “I’ve learned that I have to put in the work for the things I want to achieve, and sometimes it’s going to be a lot of work.”

As Student Government president, Rando worked to reorganize the Social Violations Hearing Board, which now functions more like the student-run Judicial Committee in responding to social breaches of the College’s honor code.

She also helped to organize successful and memorable activities. In April, students packaged 10,000 meals for an organization called Stop Hunger Now. Later, Student Government sponsored a concert by the DJ and music producer Kap Slap. The success of that concert has prompted an alumna to donate funds to host similar high-profile concerts over the next several years.

Rando’s involvement in leadership and athletic activities caught the attention of the NCAA, and she has been awarded an NCAA Women’s Enhancement Program Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in Athletics. She will use the $7,500 scholarship to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, where she has been accepted into a sports management program.

After graduate school, Rando hopes to work in university athletics and perhaps become an athletic director. She said that the many experiences she has had at Randolph have prepared her for success in graduate school and a career.

“At Randolph, it’s a really small school, but there is just as much opportunity here as there is a big school,” she said. “You can take the opportunities in.”