Friday, July 8, 2011

Randolph College $6 Million Student Center Renovation Underway

Construction is well underway on Randolph's $6 million Student Center renovation. The project, which was funded completely by five alumnae (Sadie "Puff" Hampson '41 Byrd and Alice Hilseweck Ball '61, Tom and Sally Maier Rowe '67, and two alumnae who wished to remain anonymous), began several weeks ago. Much of the summer's work will include demolition of the the main areas of the Student Center.

College officials are working hard to limit the impact of the renovation on students, faculty, and staff. A temporary wall was constructed at the entrance to the Student Center to maintain safety and limit the dust and noise created by the construction work.

Main Grounds, the College's coffee bar, will be moved temporarily into the Learning Resources Center. Spaces have been found around campus to accomodate other offices and social spaces that were in the current facility.

The renovation will totally transform the Student Center by adding exciting new spaces for student activities and stunning views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains in a 3 1/2 floor facility. The renovation includes treasured elements of Randolph's current architecture, including a set of "curlies," (spiral staircase), a newly designed Skeller, the vaulted ceiling beams, and the existing organ, organ pipes, and stained glass window.

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Construction is expected to last 18 months. Keep checking out Randolph's website and blog for updates as we follow this exciting project!