Monday, March 11, 2013

Students visit psychology history museum

Spring break offered a group of psychology students the opportunity to learn more about the history behind psychological research and understanding.

Jordan Bailey ’14, Tina Barnes, psychology professor Rick Barnes,
Victoria Harris ’13, Cindy Ferguson ’13, and Robert Ferguson  went
on the trip to the Center for the History of Psychology.
Psychology professor Rick Barnes invited students from his History of Psychology course on a trip to the Center for the History of Psychology in Akron, Ohio. The center houses archives and artifacts from famous psychological experiments and includes educational exhibits detailing the history of the discipline. Students saw devices such as Henry Lavery’s psychograph, which was thought to measure mental aptitude, and Stanley Milgram’s shock machine, which was instrumental in a controversial study on obedience, among other artifacts and documents.

Cindy Ferguson ’13 said the experience was not to be forgotten. “I enjoyed seeing firsthand the tools and studies that we have discussed in class,” said Ferguson. “ I was inspired to continue to learn all that I can in this amazing field of psychology.”