Monday, April 22, 2013

Randolph's sustainability efforts lead to Earth Day media coverage

Emily Richards '16 talks with Tim Saunders from WDBJ 7.
Randolph College's sustainability efforts brought WDBJ 7's Lynchburg Bureau Chief Tim Saunders to campus for a special story on Earth Day. Saunders talked with Ludovic Lemaitre '11, Randolph's sustainability coordinator, and Emily Richards '16, a student involved in the Campus Conservation Nationals 2013, about the ways the College is trying to limit its impact on the environment.

On Monday, Randolph celebrated Earth Day with several events, including a special all-organic meal in the dining hall and a planting ceremony.

The Campus Conservation Nationals 2013 was another recent way Randolph has stepped up its sustainability efforts.The College was one of 200 colleges and universities participating in this competition, which was designed to promote electricity and water use reduction.

For almost three weeks, three Randolph College residence halls were engaged in a battle to see who can save the most energy. West Hall beat out Moore Hall and Webb Hall by decreasing its electricity consumption by 8 percent.

To learn more about the competition, go to this press release.

Check out WDBJ 7's coverage of the story at
Lemaitre '11, Randolph's sustainability coordinator,is interviewed about Randolph's sustainability efforts.