Friday, August 16, 2013

School starts for Randolph first years heading for science careers

The first group of the class of 2017 has already started classes at Randolph.

Twenty-four students are participating in a first-year summer program for talented students with an interest in science, mathematics, and engineering. Designed to help students excel in difficult science and math fields, Step Up to Physical Science and Engineering at Randolph (SUPER) is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

On Thursday, the SUPER students had their first class and enjoyed lunch with Bradley W. Bateman, president of Randolph College.

For the next two weeks, the SUPER students will take classes and work on laboratory assignments. Throughout their years at Randolph, they will receive academic services and mentoring to help them excel in demanding courses and prepare for graduate studies and careers as scientists and engineers.

“We are pleased to welcome the largest class of SUPER students we have ever had, and the first group who was recruited to the program with the help of the National Science Foundation grant,” said Peter Sheldon, a physics professor and director of the Center for Student Research. “These students have proven their potential to excel in science, and I look forward to seeing them meet that potential and to train as the nation’s future scientists with the help of this program and Randolph faculty.”

Randolph College launched SUPER in 2010, and in 2012 the National Science Foundation awarded a $600,000 grant to help Randolph build and expand the program. Some participants in the SUPER program receive additional scholarships to help pay for tuition. Learn more about the SUPER program at