Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Student Center Renovation Update: Aug. 31

Work on the Student Center has gone underground--literally. As demolition crews finish clearing out debris, construction crews are digging under the floor of the Student Center to pour footings. This tedious and hard work will continue for several weeks.
The last of the staircases in the facility are just about gone, there is little left of floors, and most walls no longer exist. What is left is now a space with an amazing amount of room. Once the footings are poured, construction can begin. Demolition occurred from the top down. Construction will be conducted from the bottom to the top.
View of what used to be Main Grounds and the entrance into the Student Center from Main Hall. Construction crews are digging under the floors to pour footings.

View of the Student Center looking toward what used to be the staircase and upper floors. Notice the light created by opening the back area.
View from inside the main area of the Student Center looking out. The open space is where the organ and pipes used to be located.