Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Corban Addison to speak at Randolph Nov. 13

Only a few years ago, Corban Addison had no idea how widespread human trafficking and forced prostitution had become, infesting cities and towns across the United States as developing countries. His wife suggested a novel on the topic, and after months of heart-wrenching research, he wrote A Walk Across the Sun.

Addison will speak at 7 p.m. November 13 in Nichols Theatre in the Randolph College Student Center.

The book details the adventures of a lawyer who sets out to rescue two Indian girls who were kidnapped and forced into prostitution after a tsunami ravaged their village. Jennifer Dugan, a political science professor at Randolph, invited Addison so students could learn from him about human trafficking, which remains a pervasive global problem.

“It’s one vivid and disturbing form of human insecurity that paradoxically gets worse when the global economy does better,” Dugan said. “It’s one of the more complex issues of our time.”

Dugan hopes students with an interest in global politics and issues will come away with ideas about long-term solutions to human trafficking, but she also hopes students interested in creative writing will learn about the process of translating real-life research into a fictional story.

In addition to his speech Wednesday evening, Addison will visit two classes and eat lunch at Randolph on November 14 to hold further discussions with students.