Friday, November 8, 2013

Faculty member tracks sightings of rare white deer

Randolph faculty and staff members have been fascinated lately with sightings of rare white deer.

Doug Shedd, the Catherine Ehrman Thoresen `23 and William E. Thoresen Professor of Biology, said white deer of any kind are fairly rare, and true albino deer are nearly unheard of. But last year, some members of the College community noticed a ghostly white deer near the campus and began asking Shedd about it.

Since then, Shedd has collected information on white deer sightings, including descriptions and photos. He has seen white deer a couple of times near the College campus, and some have reported seeing a deer on campus.

Shedd has determined that there are multiple white deer in the neighborhood, although most probably are not true albino deer.

Anyone seeing a white deer in the area can contact Shedd with details about the sighting so he can learn more about the campus wildlife.