Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Randolph professor publishes more books in EasyGuide series

A Randolph professor has published two more books in the EasyGuide series designed to help students grasp technical topics related to psychology and other social sciences research.

This month, SAGE Publications released An EasyGuide to Research Design and SPSS and An EasyGuide to Research Presentations, both co-authored by Beth Schwartz, the William E. and Catherine Ehrman Thoresen ’23 Chair in Social Sciences and assistant dean of the College.

Dennis Goff, the Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology, was one of Schwartz’s co-authors for the book on research design.

These books follow An EasyGuide to APA Style, which Schwartz published in 2013. “It started as a single book, but when I talked with the publisher after the success of that first book, we decided it would be great to add some additional EasyGuides,” Schwartz said.

The EasyGuide books aim to make information more accessible to students by conveying technical information in a more conversational tone, as well as combining information from a variety of sources, Schwartz said.

“The books include step-by-step instructions, with screenshots when applicable, to help with the logistics of writing, conducting statistical analyses, and creating presentation slides,” Schwartz said. “The information is easy to read, includes some humor to make what can be dry material a bit easier to digest, and has easy-to-follow examples.”

Schwartz said she has already started discussing potential topics for more books in the EasyGuide series.