Monday, March 31, 2014

Megan Bloomer ’06 shares experience in sustainability career

When Megan Bloomer ’06 graduated from college, she got job offers for positions which required candidates to have a minimum of 10 years of experience. But because of her liberal arts background and the her experience in the environmental studies program at Randolph, she found that she was more than qualified, despite being right out of college.

“I was placed into jobs with no experience, 10 years ahead of where my career could be,” said Bloomer, who now is director of Village Green, the sustainability department for DaVita, a leading provider of dialysis and part of a Fortune 500 company. “That wouldn’t be possible without my Randolph education.”

Bloomer is on campus today to deliver a talk as part of the College’s Sustainability Speaker Series. She met with students at lunch to discuss careers. At 7 p.m., she will speak to a wider audience in a public talk in Nichols Theatre.

She has titled her presentation, “Moving Sustainability from the Trash Room to the Corner Office,” because she believes people will respect sustainability more if they recognize its potential. “When I explain my job, people say, ‘Oh you’re in charge of recycling,’” she said. “That’s still the first thing that people think. But last night I was on the phone executing a $20 million deal. Sustainability is a lot more than policing what people throw away.”

“I can tell you what goes into which recycling bin, but let’s go talk about how we can save $20 million on energy,” she added.

Bloomer hopes to help people recognize the positive impact of corporate sustainability, but she also wants to show students what their liberal arts education  will prepare them for. She recalls taking classes that had nothing to do with her personal and career interests, but that helped her build a foundation for making connections and finding solutions, which is a daily part of her job now. “It comes naturally to me because I was forced out of my comfort zone and forced to make those connections,” she said. “The platform that you're pushed to create here is the best platform for any field.”