Tuesday, September 6, 2011

News story profiles Randolph College professor

When an earthquake struck Virginia last month, Lynchburg-area news outlets immediately called on Tatiana Gilstrap.

As a Randolph College physics and geology professor, Gilstrap is Central Virginia’s resident earthquake expert. She interpreted data from the College’s seismograph located at the Randolph College Riding Center.

Today, The News & Advance in Lynchburg published a profile of Gilstrap, detailing how she left post-communist Bulgaria in search of greater opportunities for scientific advancement. That quest eventually led her to Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in 2005, where she began teaching after graduate school at Georgia Tech.

Both before and after the transition to coeducation, Gilstrap found the College to be a great place for her to live and practice science. Here is one clip from the article:

“The campus is just gorgeous,” she said. “The one thing that I really liked was the community.”

Especially, she said, the high percentage of international students, and the mentality of the campus population.

“It turned out to be exactly what I expected. Very open-minded people, and very forward-thinking. I really was hoping that would be the case.”

Read the full story here.