Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Students create their own mandalas

Sarah Cottone '15 and Amanda Cooper '13
Some students are making mandalas of their own after observing the art form.

Last week, Kathy Muehlemann, an art professor, took all of her classes to Houston Memorial Chapel to observe a group of Buddhist monks as they made a mandala.

The week-long demonstration allowed the students to experience another culture and its approach to art, Muehlemann said.

Many other students viewed the demonstration throughout the week, including those in religious studies and sociology classes.

Wednesday morning, some of Muehlemann's studio art students were making their own mandalas.

While a real mandala is made by arranging colored sand on a 5' x 5' board, these students are making their own on a smaller scale, using paint, markers and other materials. Some are making original designs, while others are copying intricate designs of real mandalas.

Sarah Burgeson '15
Michael Ehilegbu '14
Chris Ernestine '14
A mandala made by Victoria Francis '13