Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awards ceremonies mark academic and athletic achievement

As the end of another academic year approaches, it is time to celebrate the great accomplishments of our students. They excelled in the classroom, triumphed in athletic contests, and demonstrated what it means to lead a life more abundant.

Recently, Randolph held two awards events to recognize students for their performance in academics and athletics. Here are the award winners:

Academic Awards

Rachel Trexler Ellis  ’44 Art Prize for Excellence: Lauren Shelton ’12

Asian Studies
David Anthony Asian Studies Award: Qi Zhang ’13

Sophomore Biology Award: Zahra Adahman ’14
Ann Grant Gerhardt Cup & Award: Lauren Dowdle ’13 and Treasa Bryant ’13
Grace Taylor Wiltshire Honorary Alumnae Award: Angelina Haines ’12
Marnie Reed Crowell Award: Lily Noguchi ’13

Departmental Award for Outstanding Achievement: Madeline Carmain ’13
CRC Freshman Chemistry Award: Hart Gillespie ’15 and Alyssa Everett ’15
American Chemical Society Award for Inorganic Chemistry: Madeline Carmain ’13

Latin Diploma Contest: James Potter ’15
College Greek Exam: Kathleen Taylor ’15 and Katherine Bickley ’14

Communication Studies
James Carey/Marie Nichols Award for Excellence: Xavier Castanedas ’12
Carla Heath/James Hoban Award: Emily Hood ’15

Helen McGehee Award: DuQuan Little ’12
Genia Melikova Award: Lauren Boergert ’14
Sally Spencer Award: Isabelle Dom ’12
Eleanor Struppa Departmental Award: Martin Wiley ’13

Economics and Business
Carl Stern Award for Excellence in Economics: Reid Winkler ’12
Stan Marchall Award for Excellence in Business: Pavol Kosac ’12

Halley Smith Excellence in Intern Teaching Award: Tim Clarke ’12
Kathleen Bowman Research Award: Nicole Gammons ’12

Academy of American Poets: Jennifer Bundy ’12
Academy of American Poets, Honorable Mention: Grace Gardiner ’15 and Jerry Wells ’12
Sarah I. Davis Award in American Studies: Jerry Wells ’12
John P. Kirby Award for Explication: Grace Gardiner ’15
John P. Kirby Award for Explication, Honorable Mention: Jerry Wells ’12
Charlotte Stephenson Oresman '41 Prize for Humor: Jennifer Bundy ’12
Margaret I. Raynal First-Year Essay Award: Grace Gardiner ’15
Margaret I. Raynal Fiction Award: Sara Taylor ’12
Margaret I. Raynal Fiction Award, Honorable Mention: Jennifer Bundy ’12 and Danielle Robinson ’12

Environmental Studies
Outstanding Environmental Studies Student: Kavya Pradhan ’14
Environmental Studies Senior Award: Louise Searle ’12

Prix de l'Alliance Francaise: Glenna Gray ’14
Prix du Club de Francais: John Grzelak, IV ’13 and Melissa Halka ’14

Maier Museum of Art
Helen Owen Calvert Writing Award: Sara Taylor ’12

Outstanding First-Year Math Student: Hart Gillespie ’15 and Tung "Alex" Tran ’15

Outstanding First Year Physics & Engineering Student: Hart Gillespie ’15
Outstanding Contributor to Science Education: Timothy Slesinger ’14 and Yong "Jim" Kwon ’14

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award: Morgan Thompson ’13

J. Kenneth Morland Award: Lauren Groves ’12

Charlotte Daniels Stern Award: Emily Lockhart ’13
Helen Edwards Morrison Award: Lis Chacon ’13

Outstanding Contributor in Theatre Award: Matthew Cornpropst ’14
Academic Achievement Award: Christine Gnieski ’13

Writing Board
Best Short Paper: Sara Taylor ’12
Best Long Paper: Danielle Robinson ’12

Athletic Awards
Athlete of the Year: Ashley Gardner ’13 and Corey Sindle ’14
Rookie of the Year: Patricia Verdezoto ’15 and Coulton Watson ’15
Coaches’ Award: Malcolm Nelson ’12
Emily Ryals Sportsmanship Award: Lauren Dees ’13
Reynolds Cup: Brooke Camper ’12
Spectators of the Year: President John E. Klein and Susan V. Klein
Cushman Cup: Ben Downs
Deacon Award: Chris Staats ’13
Scholar Athlete Award: Jerry Wells ’12
Jefferson Cup Recipients: Janie Campbell ’12, Courtney Collier ’13, Jennifer Fowler ’12, Lauren French ’12, Greg Herrick ’12, Nick Hudson ’12, Kevin McCracken ’12, Malcolm Nelson ’12, Gina Pagano ’12, Timmy Songer ’12, Julius Thomas ’12, Caitlin Unterman ’12, Jerry Wells ’12, Reid Winkler ’12, Derrick Woods-Morrow ’12