Friday, May 23, 2014

What are Randolph College students doing this summer?

Randolph College students are making good use of their time out of school this summer. Now that the semester has ended and warm weather abounds, they are spreading throughout the world to study, work, and conduct research. Here are just a few things they are doing:

On Sunday, 12 students departed for Europe for a two-week summer seminar about the way British museums and monuments tell the stories of World War I and World War II. They also plan to visit WWI battlegrounds in Belgium and France. History professor Gerry Sherayko and communication studies professor Jennifer Gauthier are leading the trip.

Other students are studying in the Netherlands, the Caribbean, and Korea this summer.

For many Randolph students, the summer is an important time to get hands-on career experience through internships.

Hannah Neifert ’14 is working in development and arts management at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. She received the Donald P. Baiocchi Lyric Opera Internship in Chicago, which is sponsored by Amanda Fox ’67 and Matthew Fox.

Teague Nelson ’14 is participating in Preservation Institute: Nantucket, a summer program that teaches students about historic preservation and historical research. A.J. and Lynne Coppage Land ’60 sponsor an internship in the program for one Randolph student each year.

Meanwhile, Dina Velazco ’16 is interning as a financial assistant for Embutidos Semosa in Venezuela, and Mark Patterson ’15 is working for Go Measure 3D, a company located about 30 minutes from Randolph providing three-dimensional scanning services.

Other student interns include a muralist in Baltimore, Maryland, a risk management analyst in Vietnam, and a news desk assistant in Pennsylvania.

More than 20 students are doing research in the Randolph College Summer Research Program.

Throughout this summer, check back with the Randolph College blog to read more about what Randolph students are accomplishing and learning around the world.