Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Computer lab font change could help save money

If you can name this font, you can name one of the newer money-saving, environmentally friendly initiatives on campus.

This semester, the default font on all computers in the College's computer labs has been changed to Century Gothic. With its thin lines, it takes less ink to print a page in this font than in other fonts, such as Ariel or Times New Roman.

Today, this change was featured in a Campus Technology article about easy changes a college can implement to become more sustainable.

Ludovic Lemaitre ’11, the College’s sustainability coordinator, recently showed Victor Gosnell, chief technology officer, a Printer.com study about fonts that use less ink. Century Gothic emerged as the font with the smallest footprint, closely followed by Ecofont, which has tiny holes in the lines of text, and Times new Roman.

The second page of the Campus Technology article "Green Flash" tells how Gosnell decided to implement the changes at Randolph College. In September, the information technology team began changing the default font used in the College's computer labs.

"We continuously keep our eyes open for new ways to save resources, time, and money," Gosnell says in the story.