Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Student works on photo-a-day goal

Day 46: A photo collage featuring Daisy Chain
If a picture is worth a thousand words, Mimansha Joshi ’14 plans to have 365,000 words-worth by next spring.

Earlier this year, Joshi set a goal to take one photograph every day for a full year.

Since setting that goal, Joshi has documented events at the College, landmarks in Lynchburg, and trips to locations such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Niagra Falls.

“I just take my camera around,” she said. “I take lots of pictures, actually—sometimes four or five pictures in a day, sometimes one. Whenever I see something interesting, I take a picture.”

Day 229: Mimansha Joshi poured ink into water for this shot.
She posts the daily pictures in two Facebook albums, one for the first half of the 365-day challenge, and one for the second half.

Her favorite image is a photo collage of photos she took during Daisy Chain, a beloved tradition at the college during which sophomores weave a chain of daisies to present to the senior class.

Joshi said she has practiced photography as a hobby for about three years. She was first inspired by a young boy in her home country, Nepal, who had lung disease and spent most of his days sitting on the street near her home, looking at passing cars and people. She started photographing him every day to document his expressions every day.

Day 228: Portraits of Linda Dagnachew ’14
Later, she photographed protesters who were opposing political corruption in Nepal.

One photo she took in Nepal won first place in the People category of the College's 2011 International Photo Contest.

“Photos should tell stories about people,” she said.

Joshi is majoring in environmental studies, and she plans to return to Nepal to pursue a career in that field—possibly in waste water treatment.

Photography could become a backup career, but she prefers to make it a hobby. She has learned that it brings joy to her friends and herself.

“If I ask a friend if I can take her picture, that can really make her happy,” Joshi said. “And when I post them on Facebook every day, and people give comments, they really inspire me and help me take more pictures.”

Day 185: A portrait of Satoko Hiyane
Day 182: Joshi marked the halfway point of her 365-day challenge with this photo of a leaf divided in two.