Monday, December 12, 2011

Davenport leaders adopt a home in Madison Heights

A home in Madison Heights is ready for the holiday season thanks to a group of Randolph College students.

The students in the Susan F. Davenport Leadership Program have adopted a duplex owned by Rush Homes, a nonprofit that helps people obtain affordable housing.

Rush Homes allows groups to adopt homes to provide seasonal decorations, plant flowers, pull weeds, clean gutters, and complete other chores that the residents, who often have disabilities, cannot always do on their own.

Last summer, the Davenport Leadership Institute students decided to adopted a duplex in Madison Heights, a community in Amherst County. Tina Johnson ’93, director of the Experiential Learning Center, also invited past participants in the Davenport program to help with the home.

On Saturday, they went to the home, strung lights through outdoor bushes, swept the porch, and supplied bright poinsettias.

The leadership program is named for Susan Funkhouser Davenport '69. Through classes, mentoring, and community service, students in the program learn about leadership and strengthen leadership skills.