Monday, September 9, 2013

Clay Nunley featured in his alma mater's magazine

Clay Nunley, head men’s basketball coach at Randolph College, recently appeared in an article in the alumni magazine of his alma mater.

Goucher College’s magazine featured Nunley in the story about Goucher graduates who have shown the ability to lead and motivate others. The article talks about how Nunley founded and built the men’s basketball program at Randolph. After just a few years, the team played in the conference championship for two years in a row, and this year was chosen to compete in the NCAA Division III tournament.

In the article, Nunley gave credit to his players, especially the first student-athletes he recruited to Randolph, who refused to give up.

“If there ever was a moment where the importance of character showed through, it was with that first class,” Nunley told Goucher Quarterly. “There were so many moments where kids with less character would have said, ‘This is too hard. I’m not up for this.’ These kids remained committed, and the end result was a senior season with a lot of success.”

You can read the article here, or download a PDF from this page.

Randolph magazine also has featured stories detailing Nunley’s perspective on building leaders through athletics and the team’s fight to the Old Dominion Athletic Conference championship game.