Friday, September 6, 2013

First-years use "golden pigs" to contribute to Annual Fund

The Class of 2017 is raising money for the Randolph College Annual Fund with the help of a golden pig named Notorious P.I.G.

At a recent event, College staff introduced the first-year students to the Annual Fund, which allows friends of the College to donate money which the College can then apply wherever it is needed most,.

Frasher Bolton, assistant director of the Annual Fund, explained how the contributions to the fund help make their educational experience richer. “You have chosen a College that is going to provide you with some very unique learning opportunities over these next four years, including an extremely low student-to-faculty ratio, highly personalized instruction, student-faculty collaboration in research and performance, amazing facilities, award-winning internships and study abroad opportunities, generous scholarships, and so on and so forth,” Bolton said. “Contributions to the Annual Fund make these ‘value added’ experiences possible for our students.”

The name Notorious P.I.G. was chosen by a vote among the Class of 2017. Each member of the class received a yellow piggy bank bearing the College’s logo. “Feed your pig,” Bolton said, encouraging the students to drop spare change into the piggy bank. The Annual Fund staff will collect the cash several times throughout the year.

For every $5 a first-year student contributes, he or she will earn a raffle ticket for prizes including Randolph College gear.

Glenna Gray ’14 told the first-years about some of her experiences, including curating an art exhibition and listening to inspiring speakers such as Maya Angelou. The Annual Fund helps  pay for those experiences.

“I know that, from where you are right now, you may think that your gift makes little difference.  But that could not be further from the truth,” she said. “Every gift matters! Your participation doesn’t just provide funds to help the College run and support its students’ endeavors, it is a public acknowledgement that you support Randolph, and are enthusiastic about what is going on here behind the Red Brick Wall. “

“I cannot think of a better place to study than here at Randolph, and I can thank the generous supporters of the Annual Fund for that,” said Sandeep Poudyal ’16. “Their support has helped create and maintain this beautiful campus, and I hope that you will appreciate being able to live, learn and socialize in such a wonderful place, and give back to a place that, I know, will give you so much.”