Friday, September 27, 2013

Maier hosts documentary screening featuring artist in "Contemporary Vietnamerican Art" exhibition

Each artist represented in Contemporary Vietnamerican Art, the exhibition currently showing at the Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College, has ties to the Vietnam War. On Monday, the Maier will show a documentary about art and protest to shed more light on the messages in the exhibition.

The Maier will screen “Protest,” a segment in the PBS Series Art in the 21st Century, at 1 p.m. September 30. This segment focuses on the way artists use their art to engage in discussion about war, injustice, and current events. An-My Lê, a photographer represented in the Maier’s current exhibition, is one artist featured in this segment.

An-My Lê is the most well established of the five artists featured in the exhibition. Her interest lies primarily in photographing war without focusing on the combat experience. She attempts to capture the day-to-day events outside of battle. Contemporary Vietnamerican Art includes several of her early photographs that were taken at Vietnam War reenactments in Virginia.

Lê’s portion of the Art in the 21st Century Protest episode features her works done after the photographs in the Maier were created, so the viewers will be able to see what she has done more recently.

The documentary stands out because rather than using narrators, most of the speaking is done by the featured artists themselves.

Nancy Sparrow, who has pieces in the College's art collection, also has a part in the segment.