Friday, April 11, 2014

Model UN team represents Malta at national conference

Students on Randolph College’s Model United Nations team will spend this week in New York, where they will represent Malta in the National Model United Nations Conference.

Model UN challenges students to learn about the history, public policy, and culture of another country and then represent that country in diplomatic simulations much like actual UN meetings. During the conference, students present speeches, negotiate with students representing diplomats from other countries, and vote on important international issues.

Members of the Randolph College Model UN team speak with Carl Girelli, vice president
for academic affairs and dean of the College, during a practice caucus session. More photos.
Months of researching, writing resolutions, and practicing speeches has prepared the students for a successful experience, said Jennifer Dugan,a Randolph College global studies professor who advises the Model UN team. “I expect great things from them and believe they will learn much about themselves and the world of diplomacy," she said.

For more than a decade, the College’s Model UN team has proven its ability to train students in the art of international diplomacy. The team has won numerous awards for having an outstanding delegation and position papers. The team has represented countries such as Portugal, Senegal, Yemen, and now Malta.

Randolph College President Bradley W. Bateman participates in a practice caucus
session with members of the College's Model United Nations team. More photos.
Malta is a small, democratic island country off the coast of Sicily. It has significant social programs, such as universal health care, and it serves as a gatekeeper for immigration from northern Africa into the European Union, said Dugan.

The Model UN team will meet with the UN’s deputy permanent representative from Malta during the conference, Dugan said.

This year’s Model UN team consists of 16 students, including Jacob Lusczek ’15 and Samantha Terry ’16, the head delegates. To meet the delegates and learn about how they have been preparing to represent Malta, read the Model UN Blog. The students also will update the blog during the conference.

“We are all so excited to get to the conference this year. After months of painstaking work, we are ready to put our knowledge to the test,” said Terry. “We have a diverse collection of knowledge and experience in our delegation this year, and I know they will be highly successful.”