Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clash of the Classes 2012 begins: fun, fundraising, and competition

It’s time to pull out your loose change, practice your bean bag toss, build your chariot, and listen carefully to lyrics on the radio to help your class win this year’s Clash of the Classes.

This annual competition leading up to Homecoming begins today as students return from Fall Break, and this year there is a new contest that will raise money for Special Olympics.

Penny Drive
Wednesday–Friday, Cheatham Dining Hall
Each class at Randolph—the classes of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016—has a Penny Drive bucket in Cheatham Dining Hall. Money dropped into the buckets will be donated to the Special Olympics of Central Virginia, but the class that wins will have to use some strategy: Your class gets points for each penny dropped in its bucket, but it loses points for every higher-value coin dropped in.

So in order to win, drop pennies into your class’s bucket, and nickels, quarters, and dimes into the buckets of your opponents.

There are other great contests throughout this week. Each competition, other than the chariot race on Saturday, earns 400 points towards the victory.

Sign Up
Help your class win the victory in the 2012 Clash of the Classes.
Sign up for any of the competitions by contacting Jamie Chagnon, sports information director. Last minute sign ups will be accepted, but if no one from your class steps forward, you lose that chance to win the points!
Dance Contest
Wednesday, intermission of the WildCat Volleyball vs. Hollins University
One member of each class will dance, and the crowd will select the best dancer. Come cheer and vote for your dancing classmate, or volunteer to dance yourself.

Finish the Lyric
Thursday at noon, Cheatham Dining Hall
Do you know popular songs? Are you always singing along, quoting lyrics, or listening to music? You could help your class win this contest of wits and memory. This contest will challenge participants to hear a few words from a popular song and recite the rest of the lyric.

Bean bag Toss Contest
Friday, intermission of WildCat Volleyball vs. Bridgewater College
Each class can have a team of two people toss beanbags towards a target to score points.

Fourth Annual Chariot Race
Saturday during Homecoming, WildCat Stadium
This is the main event, with thousands of points at stake. Each class can enter one team with a homemade “chariot”—in the past the chariots have been anything from trash cans to toilets mounted on wheels. One team member will ride the chariot as the others pull it for a race around the track. The winning class gets 2,500 points, with lower scores given to the other teams.