Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gaming team provides new venue for intercollegiate competition

By Tory Brown ’13
College Relations Intern
Randolph College now has a team that competes in video game tournaments against other colleges, and a club for anyone who enjoys playing video games.

Tim Fowler ’13, a psychology major, is the captain of the gaming team as well as president of the gaming club. “I wanted to bring all types of gamers together,” Fowler said. “There is a lot of fun in people coming together to play games.”

Before starting the gaming club and gaming team, Fowler played professionally in tournaments of StarCraft II, one of the main games played by the current team. When he found a group of willing gamers who were interested in creating a team on campus, Fowler researched a collegiate league for them to compete in. The team chose to join the Collegiate Starleague, which allows them to balance schoolwork, practice time, and other activities.

During the fall semester of 2011, Fowler decided to create an official club out of the informal team that had started. The club membership includes students who enjoy playing video games but do not play in intercollegiate competitions. The team also started competing in League of Legends, allowing more members to join the gaming team.

Last year, the team played both StarCraft II and League of Legends in tournaments against other colleges. Their success was mixed, although they did pull off a victory against the U.S. Naval Academy and West Point University.  Other than those matches, “We didn’t do that well, mostly because the team didn’t have a lot of practice time so that we could mesh and know each other’s tendencies” said Michael Harris ’13.

This year, the team is becoming more organized, which students believe will help them improve. The team has already started to play League of Legends and will begin competing in the StarCraft II season soon.

The gaming club has held tournaments in Super Smash Brothers that combined members of the team and the club. Both groups welcome new members. If you want to know more, email Fowler at